How do we work?

We offer expert advice from our engineer office during the whole process. We share our knowledge and we extend our experience in the world’ of wood with the architect and engineers of the project in order to make their job easier and find the right solutions to each necessity.

We use an industrial process for a personalised product. We offer comprehensive solutions. The process includes the verification of the ground height and includes the full assembling of the structure.

  • The constructive process begins with the topographic mediation of the building work.
  • Our engineer office studies the most suitable structural solutions and creates a 3D design : from the original idea and the initial project drawing until the establishment of every joist fitting perfectly.
  • We show the design with the project management in order to obtain its approval.
  • The joists undergo a completely mechanical process that goes directly from the digital files of the 3D design to a CNC machine. This allows us to control precisely the quality of every one of the pieces.
  • We treat the wood against all the external factors that could damage it. The fungicide and insecticide treatments guarantee the durability and stability of the wood.
  • We number every piece of the structure and we package them carefully in order to make the builders work much easier. After we deliver the packages to the building work with our own trucks and the structure is ready for its installation.
  • Finally, a team of qualified assemblers with years of experience who is in charge of the building process.

Grup Sebastia - Indústries de la fusta

Company specialized in structural wood solutions and prefabricated buildings with low energy consumption

Projecte Leader

2016. Millora eficiencia energètica: nova xarxa de calefacció centralitzada (caldera de biomassa). Col.locació de pont grua. Implementació d'estratègies de desenvolupament local
2017. Instal·lació d'un sistema d'ensamblat de fusta tipus "finger joint" pera la fabricació de CLT, millora de la productivitat i foment de la construcció eficient.
2018. Millora de la productivitat amb la instalꞏlació d'un sistema d'automatismes de càrrega i descàrrega per al procés de fabricació de CLT

Actuació del Programa de Desenvolupament Rural de Catalunya 2014-2020, cofinançada per:

Ajuts a la gestió forestal sostenible

2017: Adquisició de camió per al transport eficient de biomassa EXP PS62634617
2018: Adquisició de plataforma forestal per al transport eficient de fusta EXP PS62636718
2019: Adquisició de camió per a explotació forestal eficient de fusta EXP PS62643019
2020: Acquisition of a forestry crane to improve profitability and safety at work EXP PS62647120

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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