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The Sebastià Company is the result of perseverance and the respect for a long tradition in the timber trade, which has been passed down generation to generation. Initiated in 1954 by Manel Colomé Cortés who was at that time a bidder and granddad of today’s management.

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Our philosophy

Timber has always been indissolubly connected to the humanity and our welfare that is why progress and the technological advance must be compatible with preserving nature.
Currently, we are in a society that it is not only an obligation; we understand that we have to respect, maintain and preserve nature. It is everyone’s commitment.

Therefore, in Fustes Sebastià, we are aware of the international organizations’ claims and we are concerned in all of our processes to maintain a scrupulous environmental respect.

Our facilities

Grup Sebastia - Indústries de la fusta

Company specialized in structural wood solutions and prefabricated buildings with low energy consumption

Projecte Leader

Improving energetic efficiency: new centralized heating network (biomass boiler). Placement of bridge crane. Implementation of local development strategies

Actuació del Programa de Desenvolupament Rural de Catalunya 2014-2020, cofinançada per:

Ajuts a la gestió forestal sostenible

2017: Adquisició de camió per al transport eficient de biomassa EXP PS62634617
2018: Adquisició de plataforma forestal per al transport eficient de fusta EXP PS62636718
2019: Adquisició de camió per a explotació forestal eficient de fusta EXP PS62643019

Fons Europeu agrícola de desenvolupament rural


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