Fustes Sebastia bets for the use of products from our factories, completing the duty cycle of our raw material, wood.
This is why we start the service of selling chip in bigbags format of about 2 cubic meters, for both public authorities and companies and individuals, and take advantage of the huge calorific value of this material.

  • Who can take profit of this?
    In all kinds of private companies such as hotels, restaurants, farms and private homes. Also for municipalities and government agencies, businesses and individuals.
  • Features
    Dry chip derived from wood G-30, G-50 and G-100
  • Distribución y formato
    Big bags of about approximately 2 cubic meters, we also distribute the splinter in dump trucks of 50 or 6 cubic meters.
  • Advantages
    Immediate availability of distribution.
    Huge energy savings.
    High calorific value.
    Fuel obtained from local raw materials.

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